Youtube/ Google Adsense money withdrawal to Rocket

Youtube/ Google Adsense money withdrawal to Rocket

Yes! You can easily withdraw your Adsense income into your banking account. Here I will show you how you can easily withdraw your money to your ROCKET account. Rocket provides banking facilities without bank brunch through a mobile phone number.

Here are steps to link your Adsense with Rocket

1. You have to log in to your Google AdSense account using your Gmail account.
2. Go to View payments from the option available just beside your balance. Or, you can also access it from settings> Payments.
3. Click: Add Payment methods
4. Now provide the necessary information.

Name on Bank Accounts: It should be your name which you used in your DBBL Rocket account. If you forgot the formation. You can check it by Dialing *322# > My account > Account No > Your pin of Rocket account.

Beneficiary id: Leave it blank

Bank Name: Dutch Bangla Bank Limited


Account number: This is your phone number including the last digit which was added with your number while you opened your Rocket account. Example: 0172*******3. Here 3 was not my phone number but was added to my number. You can also find it following the procedure I showed you during finding your name on the bank account.

Re-type Account Number: Here, put your account number again as before including the extra digit.

Click “Save”

5. After you complete the process, now under settings> Payments you will see an option called “Choose payment method” Click on it and then change your rocket account from none to primary.

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That’s it. You should get an email from Google Adsense which is a confirmation email of your payment method change.

Now you will receive your Google Adsense earning straight into your Rocket account.

Please refer to the video above for further assistance. I hope it will guide you through the process.

Please note that Google AdSense can change their interface and policy over time. So if there are any changes please try to read the instructions carefully and don’t forget to ask experts opinion.

If you want to add any valuable information to this article please share your thoughts in the comment box.

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