Virtual Assistant Service

I have worked as a virtual assistant for SAB companies as well as SME. Earned the positive feedbacks from them really motivates me. Below is an example of one of my project.

I’m looking for a virtual assistant to help me with creating small powerpoint presentations (only 9 powerpoint slides with one image per slide and no text) on a daily or weekly basis. Here are the skills needed for this project. – Take screenshots of online pages (google maps, website homepages, landing pages etc.) – Layer a logo on one image. – Copy and paste a few sentences into two WordPress pages I’d provide to you. – Upload or download 2-3 images from Google Drive and specific websites I provide to you. – Create two mockup facebook ads using the text and images I provide to you via and screenshot the mock-up. – Create a folder in Google Drive and upload all the screenshots to that folder. I provide a checklist for each step and a video overview of each step too but as of now, each mini-presentation takes me about 20-25 minutes. Therefore the total time needed from you per day would be about 3 hours or about 15 hours per week. Are you available next week to work 3 hours per day for a total of 15 hours per week? If so, how much would you charge me for 15 hours per week? Let me know, Chris!


My goal was to find someone to give me a little help with my project, but instead, I’ve found someone who can run the entire project from beginning to end. This has been one of the best gigs I’ve ever purchased. Thanks!

Article Writing Service

When it comes to unique article writing. We are the best. Following are some of our happy clients!

Lead generation

We have worked for Real estate, Chiropractors, Travel agencies and more businesses online. Here is a sample of our job.

Hi, I would like to know if you are able to scrape contact information (Name, mobile #, email) of Realtors from this “ebby” site (and others similar to this one) in Dallas, Tx surrounding areas. Thanks, Connie!


Great communication and excellent experience. I’m looking forward to working together again soon. Thanks.


Sanjeev Kumar CMRC

Rashed is the get and go guy!

Sanjeev Kumar

Canadian Mindfulness Research Center

Meghna Jain

“It was really nice working with the seller. Importantly the leads he provided was all relevant, he just didn’t fake his work. I will highly recommend him and will like to approach him for future work.”

Jain Meghna

rashed client

“5 stars seller. Amazing job, Love the work and will be working with you again soon.”

Christopher paik

rashed client

“Order fulfilled on time and material is as expected.”

Lora Spielberg

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